Thursday, May 6, 2010

2010 Yargo 6hr race

Got in from California late Friday night. Pulled all my stuff together and got five hours of sleep. Was initially shooting for 5 laps but bumped that up 6 after my first two laps. Crashed half way through my third lap. Bit of "road" rash on my arm and a huge bruise on my right calf. That took a lot out of me. Ended up with 5 laps in 5:11. Last season I always came in middle of Sport class but this gave me 6 of 35 so that was cool.

(Photo Daniel Topley)

Had done a ton of road ride the last two weeks while I was in California but my legs felt fine. For sure was more slowed down by my lack of mountain bicycle skills then anything else. Lots of people rode away from me in the twisty sections, only to get caught on the next climb. Tried to push any distractions out of my mind and focus on reading the trail. Felt I was riding better by the last lap, even if I was slower overall.

Also reaffirmed that I shouldn't eat solid food during races. It doesn't mess up my stomach but it does make me supper tired. I hate the way gels taste but I'm going to stick to only those from now on.