Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 Chico Stage Race

Report from 2012 Chico Stage Race, April 14th and 15th.

Stage 1, Road Race

2 hr 00 min, 44 miles, 1116 ft gain, 167 tss, 0.92 IF

Windy. Small rolling hills. Two went off the front at the break. Surging chase in strong head and cross winds for 73 minutes before I got popped on a larger roller. Bunch was pretty well decimated at this point. Sat up and spun for 8 minutes, until I got caught by a group of 3 chasers. Worked with them to set a strong tempo and minimize time loss. Ended up 13th out of ~26, 5 minutes down.


Stage 2, Crit

34 min, 15 miles, 0 ft gain, 52 tss, 0.96 IF

"L" shaped, six corner, downtown crit. Three went from the start. I had trouble clipping in and was at the back of the bunch. Chase was on for several laps and I was unable to move up. Eventually got a chance to move up and surf the front. Took a few strong pulls when I felt a could. Didn't have a teammate in the break, had one teammate behind me that's usually a good sprinter. Fast crit, pack was strung out the entire time. Ended up 8th, out of ~24, 37 seconds down.


Stage 3, Time Trial

25 min 21 sec, 10 miles, 17 ft gain, 29 tss, 0.84 IF

Flat "C" shaped course. First time riding with my clip-on aero bars and helmet. Took half an hour to get the bars dialed in but they almost immediately felt awesome. Had a teammate there that's big into TTs help me. Started the trial with a conservative avg power in mind. Legs were pretty fried from the two previous efforts but I felt good and slowly eased the avg power up. 2k to go sign, really opened it up and used up what was left in the tank.