Sunday, November 28, 2010

BPSA #4 Cross Race & Misc

BPSA #4 cross race at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

15th out of 60 for Mens, U35, Class C.

I didn't leave much out there and thought my technical skills were fine. Probably didn't pre-hydrate enough though. Bonked a few minutes after the the race and spent a while dry heaving. Whoops!

And here are a few other photos I've taken during recent rides:

Sacramento River.


West OLH.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Surf City #1 Cross Race

Last weekend (2010-10-31, Halloween) I did Surf City CX race #1 in Santa Cruz CA.

8th out of 40 in Mens, class C.

A lap was about two miles with half being flat and half being hilly. Did four laps. Need to work on my technical bike handling skills. Got some ideas from watching the A race.

And, since it was Halloween, there was a costume class race.