Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The mountain bike season is at an end for my dumbass.

Jacked up my back last week. Compression fracture in my L2 vertebra. Had locked myself out of the house. Tried to climb up onto the second story deck. Part of the railing broke, I fell back. Fortunately, had my cell on me and I was able to call 911 as I lay in the grass behind my house.

Legs and everything else still work. Wearing a back brace and taking Hydrocodone for the pain. On the positive side, I can do my job from home so I'm not out of work or anything. It's going to be at least another six weeks before I can get on the road bike. Longer for the mountain bike.


Monday, July 6, 2009

GSC #6 - Rock Hawk Effigy and Fool's Gold pre-ride

Big three day weekend of riding. About 13 hours on the mountain bike.

Firday, pre-rode Fool's Gold course with a great group of folks. We where out there for almost eight hours but our ride time was closer to six hours. Ran it 32x20 on the single speed.

Time: 07:06:18 (not including lunch but including a few mechanical issues and stops to regroup)
Distance: 48.05 mi
Elevation Gain: 6,728 ft
Avg Heart Rate: 140 bpm

Photos by Mark D. More here.

Saturday, went down to Rock Hawk Effigy trails in middle Georgia. Got an easy two hour recovery ride in with Kristen. We started off trying to pre-ride the race course but it was way too technical for her. We then cruised around on the road for a while until finding some easier single and double track. Then grilled and camped out by the lake.

Sunday, I raced. Lots of rake and ride. Tight and twisty with a surprising amount of climbing. Then a number of long straight and fast sections. It was all pretty brutal on a SS.

I felt great and had a solid, consistent race. Even felt good in the tight sections. Still placed the same in relation to everyone else in the SS class but it was a little closer this time!

Two laps on the single speed.
First - 00:57:11
Second - 01:00:12

Time: 01:57:24
Distance: 18.12 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,944 ft
Avg Speed: 9.3 mph
Avg Heart Rate: 165 bpm