Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 Early Bird Crit #3

Last Sunday's Early Bird was great. I had to do a lot more work then the previous one. Rode safe, took a few pulls and had to bridge up a couple of times. Saw lots of people that got shelled jumping back in. (Allowed since it's a training race).

Three man breakaway that wasn't caught. I finished near the front of the chase group.


Pre-race clinic was on sprinting. Did a half dozen 100 meter and 200 meter drills. Power meter says I had a 5sec PR. Was over 1000 avg watts.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Early Bird Crit #1

First crit was a lot of fun. Ended up being slower and less sketchy then I was expecting. Think the 45 minute training clinic before hand helped a lot. Didn't really learn anything from it but it was a good refersher. And, after seeing some people's riding skills during the clinic, I'm glad they had it.

During the actual race, I just kept my head up and chilled near the back. Felt good. Might have to put a little more work into positioning next time.


Guys in orange vests were mentors. They floated around, giving pointers.

Looking forward to doing a few more of these. One and a half points each towards my Cat 4 upgrade. Should be at 6.5 out of 10 right now.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 review & 2011 goals

6,800 miles
460 hours
And no injuries!

Very happy with the year. Got a great mix of road racing, mountain bike racing and cyclocross in.

For 2011 I have three general goals:

One, no injuries.

Two, I'm going to focus more on intensity then miles. I need to be doing the fast PenVelo Tuesday/Thursday rides plus the long and if I'm not racing, the fast Alto Velo rides on the weekends.

Three, upgrade to Cat 4 ASAP and maybe get a few points towards 3.

Oh and for 2011 I've joined Webcor/Alto Velo. Looking forward to my fancy AV kit and racing with the E4 group!

Winter riding in California is rough!