Saturday, January 30, 2010

Broken Lynskey Ridgeline

Was Just Riding Along night before last and *POP*. My frame cracked.

Bummer! Fortunately Lynskey has been very responsive in getting this resolved. Any frame can break so it's good knowing they stand behind their warranty.

Really haven't been having very good luck with bicycles. I managed to do this to my road bike while on a solo ride, five days ago:

Went to go around a stick that was laying in the road. Barely clipped it which flipped the damn thing up and into my drive train. Fortunately Reality Bikes was able to swap the hanger and get me a new rear derailleur in short order.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Snake Creek Gap TT #1

Rode the 34 mile (it's really 32) Snake Creek Gap Time Trial this last Saturday. Note; I said rode, not raced! Very, very cold out. Started at 19f and stayed in the low 20s for the majority of the race. Legs never warmed up. Feet where frozen numb. I took it easy. Stopped a number of times to mess around with those chemical foot warmer packs. Never warmed up my shoes enough to thaw out my toes.

Crashed once. My bicycle stopped moving, specifically the front wheel, while I kept going. Over the handle bars. Hit the ground and rolled. Fortunately, no damage to the body or the bicycle.

Time ended up being 5:34. Avg HR was 147. Compare to the 3rd TT in March of last year when the conditions and weather where perfect and I really tried hard. 4:14, 165 avg HR. But yeah, I guess 5:34 is fine for January. I really just wanted to get the miles in.

Also put in a solid 2hr road ride the previous day and an easy 2hr on the rollers the following day. Nine hours of riding over the weekend.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 review, 2010 goals

A few days late. My goals from 2009:

- Snake Creek Gap 6 Mountain Time Trials. At least one of the three TTs.
Success; did two.
- Georgia State Championship series. Series of eight cross country races.
Success; did three. Would have done more except for work and being injured.
- Fool's Gold. Going to do the 50 again but this time, single speed.
Success; did this SS on a preride. Didn't do the actual race as I was injured.
- Black Bear Rampage. Missed it in 2008.
Fail; injured.
- Six Gap Century. Road bike century with some great climbing. Have a score to settle with Wolf Pen Gap.
Fail; was still recovering from my injury. However, I did two other centuries.
- A few 6 and maybe 12 hour endurance races that fit into the schedule and sound fun.
Success; did Yargo and Unicoi.
- in the fall? Georgia Cross Series?
Fail; nope.

2010 goals:
- Not get injured.
- 4hr or less on the 34 mile Snake Creek Gap Time Trial.
- Hit all the endurance and XC mountain bike races I can. Probably putting an emphasis on endurance this year, the XC races (specifically GSC) didn't seem to well attended last year. Bigger races are fun.
- Move up to doing the Reality Wednesday night A group ride.
- Start doing the Tuesday night Crit training ride over in Marietta.
- Do at least one road race or crit.
- Do Six Gaps Century.
- Cyclocross!