Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 San Bruno Hill Climb

January 1st, New Years and the first race of the year. San Bruno Hill Climb. Good fitness benchmark if nothing else.

Didn't drink too much the night before and got a decent night's sleep. Got there an hour and a half early. Plenty of time to sign in, skip the trainer and pre-ride the climb for the first time. Beutifal day, super clear. Could see the city, bay and ocean from the top.

Climb details: 3.7mi - 1,159ft - 6.0%
I did it in 17:54 at 177bpm avg.

Good bit of wind so drafting played a part.

San Bruno Hill Climb

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 BASP #5, Coyote Point & Surf City #3

Was second to last going into the single track. Ran into a guy that dropped his chain on the first climb.

Legs felt good though. Didn't worry about placing well. Just focused on my technique and maintaining a high pace. Passed a ton of people and ended up finishing in the top half.

Muddy and slippery but fun course! Three muddy run ups. Took me a few laps to get comfortable. Finished mid field as usual.

Surf City #3

However, since I did all 3 Surf City races, ended up 7/56 for Elite B. Consistency!

2012 Thanksgiving LKHC, Mt Hamilton

Way behind on my race reports!

Did the finial LKHC of the season back on Thanksgiving. The traditional climb up the front side of Mt Hamilton. Good 83 minutes of low threshold. Earn that turkey!

LKHC; Mt Hamilton

Photo credit; Pat/peparseghian