Thursday, November 17, 2011

Santa Barbara International Half Marathon

Did the Santa Barbara International Half Marathon last Saturday with my mother and sister. Almost no running specific training. Goal was to run it at a nice easy 10 min/mile pace. Didn't want to hurt myself, since I hadn't worked up to this.

Started near the back of the field. Was passing a lot of people and my HR shot up to low 170s. Everything felt good so I held it there. Nice easy 10min pace went right out the window.

Ended up finishing in 1 hr 49 min and 33 sec. Avg pace of 8:20 and avg HR of 173. 452th overall, out of 2816 people.

Last mile or two, I could feel my calves cramping. Within an hour of finishing, after a cooldown walk and some stretching, I could barely walk. My legs were so knotted up. Kept up the stretching in the following days though and it seems I managed to avoid injuring myself.

In other news, I've been doing a strength and conditioning program. Twice a week, three weeks in now. Lot of front squats, dead lifts and some short, 4 to 10 minute, CrossFit style workouts. Good stuff. Trying to build some core stretch, flexibility and work on muscle balance.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Skeggs Everything Ride

And I do mean EVERYTHING. Did this one last weekend with a group from MTBR/NorCal.

Stupid amount of climbing. Almost 10k ft in 42 miles. Out on the trail for nine hours. Did it w/ 32x11-34. Not wise. Lots of steep sustained sections that burnt matches.

Crazy trail map:

Last ride with my Lynskey:



Awesome 10 minute video of the ride by Bogden:

HD link:

But yeah, this ride convinced me to sell the Lynskey and buy a complicated squishy bike with more gears. Yeti ASR5 Carbon, Sram X0 2x10, incoming.