Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tour of California + Sierra Rd Hill Climb

Awesome time spectating stage 2 (San Fran to Santa Cruz) and stage 3 (San Jose to Livermore) of the Tour of California.

Stage 2:

Took the long way out to KOM 2, got over 100 miles of riding in. Good times in the mountains.



Stage 3:

Did a hill climb time trial up Sierra Rd that my club was sponsoring. 3.5mi - 1,812ft - 175bpm - 00:28:53. Accidentally knocked the magnet for my Quarq off while I was cleaning the bike that morning. So, no power or cadence. Since I was going by HR and I was fatigued, I started off super easy and ramped it up. Most everyone in my wave rode away from me at the start, but I ended up passing a number of them before the finish.

Then went on to have an early lunch, watch the race go over KOM 1 then do a bit more riding before heading home.



Thursday, May 3, 2012

2012 Wente Road Race

Climbing race. Was hot out there. Exposed to the sun.

Three and a half laps. Didn't make the selection half way through the last lap. Came in 25th out of 69, Elite 4.

47.7 mi - 3,643 ft - 02:15:55 - 164 BPM - 188 W - 188 TSS - IF 0.9

All that said, I'm happy with how I did. Especially considering I've done very little climbing in my training. Gave it everything I had.

Got a good warmup in and was well hydrated. Went with two big bottles, one scoop of orange Heed each. Felt good the entire race.

Wente Road Race