Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Central Coast Circuit Race #2 & Early Bird Crit #5

Last Saturday, Kristen and I went down to Fort Ord near Monterey and I raced the second Central Coast Circuit Race (CCCX) of the year.

E5. Ended up 7th out of 35.

Five, 4.3 mile laps on a closed course. Nice little 200ft climb on each lap really got me anaerobic and split up the pack. Then, a very fun 40mph descent into two turns before a short climb to the start/finish line.


Oh and my new Scott Addict R1 was fantastic. Loving it.

Sunday, I hit up the last Early Bird crit. Number 5 (though only the 3rd for me).

It was way sketchy. Two guys next to me crashed during the clinic before the race. No crashes during the actual race, but a few close calls. Last lap, things got real dicey so I dropped to the back and gave myself some room.

Finished with the pack and ended up 25 out of 45.

That gave me enough points to upgrade to 4 but I'm already registered as a 5 for Snelling Road Race in a few weeks, so I'm going to hold off on upgrading.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 Scott Addict R1

Took delivery of my new road bike on Jan 19th.

2011 Scott Addict R1 (gray, matte) - 870g w/ hanger
Addict R1 fork - 318g (uncut)

Build list:
SRAM Red group (compact crank)
Selle Italia Flite Kit Carbonio saddle
3T Rotundo Team carbon bars
3T Dorico LTD carbon seatpost
3T AXR Pro stem
Look Ti Blade pedals
KCNC Ti QR Skewers
Arundel Mandible carbon bottle cages

Training wheels: (15.6 lbs)
DT Swiss 240s/Mavic Open Pro front wheel
PowerTap PRO+/Mavic Open Pro rear wheel
Michelin Pro3 Race tires
Michelin latex tubes
Shimano 105 12-27

Race wheels: (13.9 lbs)
2010 Reynolds Assault Tubulars
Vittoria Evo Corsa CX tires
SRAM OG-1090 (Red) 11-25

And I love it. Over a pound lighter then my Ridley Damocles frame set, more aggressive geometry and stiffer. Also descends more confidently. Probably a mix of stiffer, lower center of gravity and better weight distribution.

Damocles was a little more comfortable though.