Monday, July 26, 2010


So yeah, turns out cycling on the San Francisco Peninsula is kick ass. Climbs, descents, rolling roads, flat roads, redwoods, oceans and lots of other cyclists.

Also excited about Strava. It's like Garmin Connect but it parses out notable segments (climbs, sprints, descents, etc) of your ride and gives you stats on them. Also has social networking type features. Ranks you against other users on the given segment.

My account:

A segment:

The above is the climb, "Old La Honda (front of bridge, to stop sign)". Used as a benchmark by a lot of people around here. My current PR is 22:29. The goal is sub 20.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

2010 - The Half Way Point

Well, I've made it half way through 2010 and things have gone differently then planned.

I've put in a very healthy number of road miles since my last update. Typically been doing the Lifetime Fitness ride, Reality ride and Roswell ride during the week and then at least one bigger ride on the weekend. My power output/fitness is definitely improving. I've seen gains in the 5 second to 5 minute range and my recovery speed seems to be going down.

I think this is a pretty cool graph:

Couple of the above dips were mountain bike races or sickness.

Speaking of mountain bike races, they haven't really worked out the last few months. Either work or weather has been getting in the way. A little disappointing.

Though, the real big news is that I'm moving from Georgia. Will be living in the Bay Area (Redwood City, CA) by the end of the week. Have some road races lined up:

2010 California Cup

Low-Key Hillclimbs

Goodbye Georgia.