Monday, June 22, 2009

GSC #5 - Dauset

Good God, yesterday was a hot one down in central Georgia. 95 degree Fahrenheit plus a stupid amount of humidity. Felt like it was way over 100.

Two laps on the single speed.
First - 00:54:48
Second - 01:00:10
18.17 mi
1,582 ft
9.5 mph (avg)
172 bpm (avg)


As you can see from the elevation profile, lots of sharp little climbs and descents.

Legs felt great.

Heat didn't hurt me that bad. No cramps, no bonk.

Damn roots where bad though. Fingers where killing me part way through the second lap. Need to check my fork, switch out my gloves and switch out my grips. For the grips, I'm mainly thinking of swapping my ESI chunkies for Ergon grips. Again. I hate the way the Ergons look but they are oh so comfortable.

Oh and I need to get some technical riding skills. I've been spending too much time on the roadie.

More photos here:

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