Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The mountain bike season is at an end for my dumbass.

Jacked up my back last week. Compression fracture in my L2 vertebra. Had locked myself out of the house. Tried to climb up onto the second story deck. Part of the railing broke, I fell back. Fortunately, had my cell on me and I was able to call 911 as I lay in the grass behind my house.

Legs and everything else still work. Wearing a back brace and taking Hydrocodone for the pain. On the positive side, I can do my job from home so I'm not out of work or anything. It's going to be at least another six weeks before I can get on the road bike. Longer for the mountain bike.



  1. Get better soon. I heard about this from Crash last weekend, bummer.

    Putting out the good healing vibes, I am glad it was not worse (I have a friend in a wheelchair from a 2nd story balcony fall).

  2. Oh man! Is that why you missed the Tribble Mill race?

    I'm glad to hear you're not wrecked up any more than you are.

    Focus on healing. Heal well. The bike will still be there when you're better.

  3. Yeah, just had a followup appointment this morning. Everything seems to be healing really well. Not in nearly as much pain as I was last week. Have high hopes of making it to Dirty Spokes @ Helen.

  4. Yeah, but get well first.
    Crazy bike race second.
    Hope you're continuing to feel better.

  5. Oh man! Hope you recover from this soon!