Monday, October 12, 2009

Dirty Spokes Unicoi Endurance Race

Did the Dirty Spokes Unicoi endurance mountain bike race on Saturday. Ran my single speed in the six hour solo division. Finished 5, 8 mile laps in just about 5 hours and 14 min. Each lap had around 1,200 ft climbing. Came in 6th out of 11 in the single speed class.

Felt decent enough the first 3 laps. Thought I was putting down a reasonable pace. My legs quickly lost power on the forth lap. Didn't feel bad or anything, just no energy. Hit some sports beans and did better on my 5th lap. 32x20 might have been too hard of a gear for me to push up all those climbs with my current level of fitness.

Rode with or within a few minutes of Dave Muse most of the time. Just like Yargo. Saw a lot of other people in passing. Cody from Addictive Cycles was nice enough to let me toss my water and food in the Addictive Cycles neutral support pavilion.

Back felt good the whole time. Did lots of stretching before the race and a minute or two between each lap. Seemed to work out well.

Pretty light showing since it had rained a bit the previous few days and the weather report indicated there would be more. Ended up being nice though. Pleasant cool weather and very little mud. Nice and tacky conditions.

Next up, Spin for Kids Century. And then Swank 65 mountain bike race up in Pisgah.

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  1. Unicoi was awesome..the climbs are long and sustained