Monday, April 25, 2011

Copperopolis Road Race

Copperopolis RR. E4. Woke up a 4am. Drank coffee. Drove two hours out to the race start.

This is a storied NorCal road race. Rough patched pavement, pot holes, flat road with wind and a bit of climbing.


First lap, had no problem hanging with the group on the main climb. Half way through the lap though, cut my rear tire and flatted. Fortunately, I had decided to run my clincher training wheels rather then my tubulars. Fixed it and rode the rest of the race mostly solo. 3 laps, 64 miles.

(photo by Allan Armstrong)

Guess I should have opted for GP4000s over the lighter Conti Force rear tire. When I was riding with the pack, was forced to blast through a lot of potholes, broken asphalt and shit like that. Guess you can't really do much other then follow the person in front of you.

At least it was a nice day and a good training effort. That and I wasn't DFL out of the people that actually finished. Lot of DNPs. Ended up 30/46.

In other news, my new race transportation worked out well:

Mazda MX-5 w/ Hard Dog hitch and Kuat Sherpa bike rack.

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