Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bay Area Super Prestige #1, Candlestick

Raced BASP#1 on Sunday and good God was it brutal. Baking sun and suffocating dust!

What went right: I felt strong. My mounts/dismounts are smoother, didn't seem to loose time on the barriers. Big thanks here to a CX clinic put on by 4x Danish National Champion Joachim Parbo and Sterling Sports Group. Learned a lot about technique and racing smarter. Tried to put it all into practice at BASP.

Also hit the highest HR and highest avg HR I've seen in a race.

Was hot out there!

Not all was good though. One, with the dust and sun, I was dying for a little water by the 30 minute marker. Should have organized something before hand.

Also, over cooked a corner and got myself all tanged up in the tape. Whoops!

Ended up 45 out of 82 finishers. Not sure how many DNFed.

Also, here is some aerial footage from the race.


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