Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Cantua Creek and Pine Flat road races

This was the highlight of my first weekend of real racing in 2012:

Harris Ranch

Yeah, dinner the night before Cantua Creek RR.

Fun course and I thought the rolling climb finish suited me. Was feeling great. Awesome weather. Like eight teammates plus a couple other friends out there.

Felt good and was racing smart but hit a rock, hard, half way through the race. Pinch flatted my front tubular. Vittoria Pitstop fail. Had to wait for a ride back.

Issac, who I know from racing last season, absolutely killed it. Timed a perfect breakaway and took first in E4. Awesome. Unfortunately, that gives him his upgrade to E3 so I won't have his wheel to follow anymore. Bummer.

Pine Flat road race is not flat. Race started with a rolling out and back climb. Pack was surging hard on the climbs. I was hurting a little, being 8lbs over weight right now and with my FTP a bit lower then it should be, but I was hanging in.

Unfortunately, I got stuck behind a crash on the way down. Was boxed in and locked up my rear wheel trying to stop in time. I avoided joining the pileup, but put a huge hole in my tire. Couldn't even boot it and ride back to the parking lot.



Overall, had a fun weekend but am a bit bummed I spent over 10 hours driving for less then 3 hours of actual racing! Hopefully I've gotten all my bad luck for the season out of the way.

Oh and here is a photo of my Scott Addict R1 w/ race wheels a Quarq. It's a sweet setup. Now I just need to make some better luck with it.

Scott Addict R1

Loving having a power meter again. Now I just need to work on getting it to output good numbers.

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