Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bariani Road Race

Last Sunday I did the Bariani Road Race, E4, over by Woodland, CA. Oh dear God, it hurt. Flat, fast, exposed, one little climb and one stretch of really bad pavement. The wind was absolutely wicked the entire time.

Five 10 mile laps.

First lap started off super fast. Back stretch of the course had super crosswind going on and I had to turn myself inside out to barely hang on.

Second lap was much easier but by this point, we had apparently lost about 1/3 of the pack.

Third lap was a little faster until the last mile. There was a break away and the pace was back on.

Starting the fourth lap, there split and I couldn't bridge up. Worked with some guys to try and get back on. Had the peloton in our sights for most of the lap but couldn't make it happen.

Fifth lap, I went ahead alone. Rode most of it solo.

Finished 29th out of 61. 30 people DNF'ed.

Good training race for me. I put in a huge effort. Need to work on better pack positioning so I can do less work though. I think that's what doomed me.

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  1. You did great :) Hopefully someday I'll work up to keeping up with you heh