Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 CCCX CX #1, Cyclocross Season Starts!

Kicked off the cyclocross season with CCCX CX #1 at Fort Ord, down by Monterey, CA.

Wasn't really ready for it. Saddle was too high, adjusted it in the parking lot. Hadn't practiced remounts at all. Was exhausted from the previous week of mountain biking and driving.

So, I didn't place well. 13th out of 21 I think. Open Men's B class.

Also went way too hard at the start. Tried to hold the leaders. Was tasting blood in my throat 15 minutes in! Totally blew.

Was good fun though. Nothing like diving into the deep end to kick off the season.

For the future; going to do more threshold work. Practice remounts. New crank, 34/50 to 36/42. New tubulars. In the processes of gluing them.

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