Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 CCCX CX #2, Cyclocross at Fort Ord

Last Saturday, second race of the season. Instead of trying to stick to the leaders and dying like the previous race, I put my HR at the top of my threshold zone and held it there. Just raced my own race.

Placing was slightly better. 15/23 ("photo finish" with 14th) vs 13/19.

And my new Williams wheels and Challenge Grifo tubulars. They're fuckin awesome. Ran them 28,35. Plusher then the Conti clinchers at the same pressure and seemed to have more traction while climbing and cornering.

Now I just need to get some skills. My remounts are embarrassing. I'm slow as shit through the tight, flat, u-turn sections. And I need to figure out how to bunny hop logs. There were two on this course and I killed a lot of time running over them.

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