Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2012 Crit Season Recap

Knocked out four crits in the last month.


General recap: Raced for teammates. Patrolled the front, tried to get into breaks or bring them back. Occasionally pushed the pace if it got too slow in the last few laps. Never finished in the top 10.

Memorial Day Criterium - 5/28/2012
14.6 miles, 26mph, 33 min. 212w avg, 247 NP.
Notes; nothing.

IC3 Dash for Cash - 6/02/2012
16.5 miles, 26mph, 38 min. 211w avg, 250 NP.
Notes; won a prime. $10!

Pacific Service Credit Union Criterium p/b PG&E - 6/16/2012
14.75 miles, 26.6mph, 33 min. 238w avg, 270 NP.
Notes; nothing

The Parnassus Investments Burlingame Criterium - 6/24/2012
14.3 miles, 25.6mph, 33.5 min. 263w avg, 280 NP.
Notes; kind of a 6 corner crit. Thus, the lowest avg speed and highest power output.

Here is the data for the other three crits I did this season:

Early Bird Practice Crit - 1/22/2012
18 miles, 24mph, 44 min. 000w avg, 000 NP.
Notes; look how slow this was! No PM.

Madera County Stage Race, Criterium - 3/10/2012
15 miles, 23mph, 38 min. 200w avg, 220 NP.
Notes; got crashed out. Chased for a bit then was pulled and given same time.

Chico Stage Race, Criterium - 4/15/2012
15 miles, 26mph, 34 min. 240w avg, 260 NP.
Notes; six corner crit.

So, seven crits total, so far this year. All have been flat.

dash for cash, off the front

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