Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 Leesville Gap Road Race

Damn that was a hard race. Got dropped from the leaders at about mile 20 of 64. Got a chase group going and rode a solid tempo for the rest of the race. So, at least got a killer training ride out of it.

People kept telling me about how this race had by far the worst roads out of any NorCal RR. Thought they were exaggerating. They were not. Half the race, I felt like I should have been riding a CX bike with CX tires. Blasting over roads at race pace that were more pot hole and patch then original asphalt. My fingers and back were killing me at times.

Epic race. I'm glad to have done it once. Probably never going to do it again.

14/26. E4.

Leesville Gap RR

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