Saturday, January 30, 2010

Broken Lynskey Ridgeline

Was Just Riding Along night before last and *POP*. My frame cracked.

Bummer! Fortunately Lynskey has been very responsive in getting this resolved. Any frame can break so it's good knowing they stand behind their warranty.

Really haven't been having very good luck with bicycles. I managed to do this to my road bike while on a solo ride, five days ago:

Went to go around a stick that was laying in the road. Barely clipped it which flipped the damn thing up and into my drive train. Fortunately Reality Bikes was able to swap the hanger and get me a new rear derailleur in short order.


  1. Oh man, what a drag! My brother broke his frame last year just riding along, off of a 4 foot drop. That rear derallieur thing happens to me all the time. Barely clip a stick... I don't even bother with XTR any more because I know I'm going to break it soon. First time I've seen it on a road bike though. Nice :)

  2. Wow, bummer, sorry about the bike(s). I had horrible luck with my Lynskey, and even worse luck with Lynskey's customer service. I ended up so disgusted with the situation that I just ebay'd it.

  3. Yeah Dave, it reminded me of why my mountain bike is SS! Though, I have been toying with the thought of racing with gears this year.

    That sucks fatbob. I shipped Lynskey my frame today. Hopefully they replace it with a 2010 Ridgeline. Mine was an '09. They redesigned and beefed up the downtube, where mine broke, in the newer model.

    Will for sure be posting what happens here.

  4. My Ridgeline 29-SL with the exact same Niner fork cracked yesterday on the trail at almost exactly the same spot. Just curious as to how Lynskey handled your warranty. Thanks.