Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 review, 2010 goals

A few days late. My goals from 2009:

- Snake Creek Gap 6 Mountain Time Trials. At least one of the three TTs.
Success; did two.
- Georgia State Championship series. Series of eight cross country races.
Success; did three. Would have done more except for work and being injured.
- Fool's Gold. Going to do the 50 again but this time, single speed.
Success; did this SS on a preride. Didn't do the actual race as I was injured.
- Black Bear Rampage. Missed it in 2008.
Fail; injured.
- Six Gap Century. Road bike century with some great climbing. Have a score to settle with Wolf Pen Gap.
Fail; was still recovering from my injury. However, I did two other centuries.
- A few 6 and maybe 12 hour endurance races that fit into the schedule and sound fun.
Success; did Yargo and Unicoi.
- in the fall? Georgia Cross Series?
Fail; nope.

2010 goals:
- Not get injured.
- 4hr or less on the 34 mile Snake Creek Gap Time Trial.
- Hit all the endurance and XC mountain bike races I can. Probably putting an emphasis on endurance this year, the XC races (specifically GSC) didn't seem to well attended last year. Bigger races are fun.
- Move up to doing the Reality Wednesday night A group ride.
- Start doing the Tuesday night Crit training ride over in Marietta.
- Do at least one road race or crit.
- Do Six Gaps Century.
- Cyclocross!

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