Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ride to the Georgia Capitol

Went big today. Over 6 hours on the road bike. 87 miles, 6000 ft of elevation gain. Rode from Reality Bikes in Cumming, GA to the state capitol in Atlanta, GA for the 2010 Georgia Rides to the Capitol event. Then back.

Power profile is kind of cool.

0-80 minutes is from Reality Bikes to Roswell City Hall. Had to kill it due to starting late.
80-190 was the ride form City Hall to the Capitol.
220-320 ride back to the City Hall. Much harder then the way down seemed to drop a lot of people.
320-370 ride to lunch on Windward parkway. That Greek place by Mellow mushroom.
410-460 back to the shop.

Good day on the bike.

Most of the group leaving from Roswell. Probably about 1/10th the number of people that ended up at the capitol.

Street in front of the capitol.

My hotness.

Not so hotness.


Me trying to do as little work as possible.

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