Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Snake Creek Gap TT #3

Blah. Perfect weather. Good trail conditions. Didn't make the time I was shooting for though.

January time trial, I road fairly conservatively and it took me 5:34. I wanted sub four for March. Took me 4:40. Had a bunch of little issues, mostly related to not having my bike properly tested and dialed in. Then, I lost a lot of motivation when I saw I had fallen well off the sub 4 target and slowed even further.

Oh well, it was still a good ride and I learned a lot. Mainly need to get my new Maxxis Aspen tires dialed in. Was having issues with tubeless so I tossed tubes in them. Then, I overinflated them a bit, to insure I didn't pinch flat. During the race, they processed to beat me up pretty bad. About 20 miles in, I let a bunch of air out. The bike came alive and I picked up steam again! Several miles later, I pinched the rear. That took a lot out of me.

GPS Track:

Time: 04:41:52
Distance: 31.70 mi
Elevation Gain: 6,219 ft

In other news, I vacationed in Savannah with my wife, the previous weekend. Got my hungover ass out to an 8am roadie ride. Riding out where it's all flat is actually kind of hard. The pace was always on. I mean sure, climbing hurts, but at least you get to rest on the descent!

GPS Track:

Time: 02:28:42
Distance: 44.97 mi

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