Monday, March 29, 2010

Tour of the Ouachita Challenge

Did the Ouachita Challenge out of Oden, Arkansas a few days ago. Took me a little over seven hours to do the almost 70 mile course. Lots of fun single track and fast service roads. Good change of scenery from north Georgia.

No bicycle issues. No nutrition or pacing issues. I mean, I could have pushed it slightly harder, but that's all right.


Mass start. Registration was capped at 300 people. Seemed like about that many were there.

Service road climb.

I think my mountain bicycle is hot and I take a lot of photos of it.

A single track climb.

I may have pushed my bike up that.

Bio break.

The colored zip ties. One for each of the five checkpoints.

I have mud on my face.


  1. Dude. Awesome. I heard you even came in ahead of the O'Dea's. I gotta get in on this one next year.

  2. Oh yeah, way a head of the O'Dea's. In fact, almost 24 hours a head! I did the "tour" on Saturday while they did the race on Sunday.

    I wouldn't be surprised if I did this again next year. Very fun event and a nice change of scenery.

  3. Oh, haha! Eddie said he finished just behind "that Millhouse kid." He must have meant a different Millhouse kid :)